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Our books are 100% tear proof and highly durable, able to withstand dishwasher temperatures.


Our books are completely waterproof, making them easy to clean, allowing further protection against cross contamination and other nasty germs.


Our books are environmentally sustainable and can even be recycled into new ones!


Our books are completely non-toxic (including the ink) and suitable for children of all ages.


Our Story
We are ensuring a better future starting from our children

  • Australian Made

    We are proud to have our books entirely made in Australia.

  • Supporting Local Community

    Our books are created by the help of the local community and we want to always give back to them.

  • Original Stories

    We work together with local artists and you to create original stories. We envision a "paperless" and sustainable future.

  • Rigorous Testing

    We ensure that the books you are getting from us are the safest and most durable.

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