August 4, 2016

About Us

Award Night



Shubham Kandel

Shooby has over 3 years of experience working in childcare and came up with the idea for eternaBooks as he was repairing a book that a child had torn one day. When he isn’t studying or managing his other startups, Shooby likes to learn about new technologies and how they may be applied to create new innovations.


Xia, Yibing – Davin

Born in China, raised in Singapore and based in Australia. Davin has a unique understanding of different cultures and international consumer markets. Currently in his final year of Law(Hons) and Business Administration at the ANU, his passion lies in social entrepreneurship. Specifically, he believes that a more sustainable world begins with educating our children. He enjoys listening to Keane and hopes to have a family (and some pets) of his own one day!


Kevin Mugianto

Since he was young, Kevin was taught to be original, creative and innovative. He is an enthusiast in playing musical instruments, programming, problem solving, and creating a better environment for the world. Growing up, Kevin has always been a critical thinker and avoids analysing things only from one point of view. He believes that implementing good education early on will help better the society. On a side note, Kevin loves pets especially dogs and playing with babies – he does magic!